LemonBitcoin Donation

The site exists due to donations from visitors. Unfortunately, hosting services, protection and domain name cost money. And it would also be very nice to receive a small reward for my work done. And although the site is connected with advertising - this is not the advertising with which you can contain the site, and financial assistance from those who are not indifferent to this site, will not be superfluous. 

Not a big clarification: money is needed all the time - which means that it is much more useful to transfer a small amount every month, rather than send a relatively large amount once and not bother. For example: 1$ a month - much better than 10$ a one-time.

Bitcoin: 3C1JGwMS7UofcAKJmr2t7JgBjsZC5rK2Le
Ethereum: 0x4D82b89a7f7E572EEDf0BC9DB476f4B6d13fbb10
Litecoin: MQYdqavuxZTQ9CEckYmSCKjojpC8VJWs42
DOGE: D5spvdSRPDSRhtz1Q8iSJikeaM2Vvgbj8W

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